What I Do

I help health & wellness professionals, who struggle with running a business to achieve confidence and clarity by outlining the practical steps they need to build their personal and business skills.

My Philosophy

Planning and working through things in a methodical step by step way is how I like to approach things.  If you haven’t planned it, it’s not going to happen.  My aim is to guide you through what is needed to be successful as a holistic practitioner.

My Methods

You’ll find a whole host of posts that will help you in different parts of your business, either at the set-up stage or further along the line.  I want to make it as easy as possible for you to build your business so that you can concentrate on the important stuff, your therapies and your clients.  In addition to the free information on this website, you also have access to courses and resources for you to build on your knowledge.

My Goals

My goal is for you to be a success in your business.  Too many wellness professionals have a part-time business when they really want to go full time, or give up altogether in their first few years because they have not been shown the business skills needed to run a successful business.  My personal goal is to have build a community of wellness professionals who can support one another on their journey.

Helpful Information

Running a business is a steep learning curve. You'll have all sorts of questions from "Do I need a website?" to "What do I need to tell HMRC?" or "How do I raise my prices?".

The Wellness Workspace aims to answer those questions for you and make setting up and running your business a much easier and more enjoyable experience.  Use the search function to look for a post about your question.  If you can't find anything, send in a question and we will answer it for you.

Work with Me

Need some help with your email marketing, sales funnels, Facebook Ads or other social media accounts?  I love this sort of stuff and would be delighted to help you.

Watch this space too for news on my Business Growth  Course!!

Resources & Online Courses

As business owners, it is important we keep learning new skills and improving old ones.  The Resources Section lists a whole load of good stuff that I've used in the past, be in books, courses or videos, that have pushed me to the next level.

Coming soon ... in the Shop Section, you'll find some great courses to help you expand your knowledge, some written by me and some are from people who I value, look up to and whose content I know is top notch and ideal for wellness professionals.

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