About Me

I’m a Therapist, trained in Bowen, EFT and Reflexology.

I’m a Reiki Master.

I’m a Virtual Assistant.

I’m an information buff and owner of far too many self-help books.

I’m a Sagittarian and I love chocolate.

Hello, I’m Sarah Stiffin, founder of The Wellness Workspace.

Several years ago, whilst practising as a Therapist, I had a vision that I wanted to support other therapists and coaches grow their businesses by helping them learn and craft their business and personal skills.  Having already created and hosted networking meetings for local therapists, I decided to move this idea to a national scale and launched The Wellness Workspace earlier this year.

I started my working life as a PA and progressed to senior PA roles including within retail, sport and marketing. It was latter two roles that really built my understanding of how communications and marketing play a vital role in any business.  I soaked up as much info as I could whilst I was a PA in those areas.

Eventually, I decided to pursue my love of holistic therapies and set up my own practice. Bowen, Reflexology, Reiki and EFT are my thing.  When I started out, I remember someone saying to me that for every 1 hour of client, I’d need to do 15 hours of marketing!  What?!!   They didn’t mention this on my courses; in fact, we didn’t do much in the way of business training at all.  I found being self-employed was a massive learning curve (actually a very steep incline rather than a curve!).  However, my previous business experience came to the fore.  I put what marketing knowledge I had to the test and it paid dividends.

Fast forward to now ……. well, having taken some time out (bit longer than I thought) to focus on family life, I then decided that returning as a holistic therapist didn’t quite fit into my life for a variety of reasons.  So I returned back to PA life, but this time working from home as a Virtual Assistant.  But I still loved the holistic life and found my niche as a VA to therapists, coaches and wellness professionals. Being a lover of marketing, social media and all things admin-related meant there was a natural progression to launching The Wellness Workspace.

The Wellness Workspace is the place to come to for all questions relating to running your wellness business.  Practical advice, thoughts on mindset, questions and answers, resources and courses – there is hopefully everything you need here (but if there’s not, send me an email and we can look into it).

Good luck with creating your ideal business.


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Phone: 07960 937556

If you’d like to contribute to the website, feel free to get in touch.  If is there some business building info you’d like to read more about – let me know that too.   Want me to help you with your business admin, email marketing, social media?  That’s cool to. Email me or use the form opposite to get in touch.

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