Giving extra value is a buzz phrase these days. People talk all the time about the value they get from something and the extra value they can give their clients and customers.

Value isn’t about the price itself. When we talk about value we mean “The worth of something compared to the price paid or asked for it”.

For example, I personally wouldn’t spend £100 on a pair of designer shoes even if they are made from the finest leather, whereas others might think that’s great value. Whereas I paid £100 to attend a festival a few years ago; we stayed three nights, listened to loads of fabulous bands, had a whale of a time at all the attractions and tasted some amazing foods in the artisan food arena.  That to me was exceptional value (and it all went to Children In Need).

Even where there is no cost involved, feeling valued is about how much you perceive someone cares about you and makes you feel important.

Giving extra value to your clients is, I believe, is all part of the holistic service.

It’s giving their treatment the personal touch, which goes a long way to building a lasting relationship between you both. And business is about building relationships. Your client will feel that you really care about them when you go the extra mile.

If a client feels that your treatment is worthy of the price charged, they will come back for more and will also recommend you to others. In business the key is to retain the clients you already have rather than going after new ones.

So what can you do to increase value?

Firstly, consider what more you can do for them whilst they are with you.

Give them extra time. Many people value talking to someone about their issues, health and stresses.  Having someone just listen  is worth so much more than just a quick manipulation and out the door.

I once saw a male client who, sent to me by his wife, was pretty skeptical about the treatment. Rather than dive straight into the Bowen therapy, I actually spent a long time just talking to him about his situation, showing empathy and understanding.  He came back the next week, feeling much better and thanked me so much for talking to him, so much so that he found the confidence to speak to his boss.  He continued to see me and I then ended up seeing most of his family.  Sure, the Bowen probably had an effect but in this particular case I think the time afforded to him was key.

Give your client something physical to take away.  If you sell related products alongside your services, consider whether you can give them something to take away that may help them. Everyone loves a freebie but you can build the cost into their treatment so you are not losing out.

Again, it’s perceived value. I’ve attended appointments where I had expected to pay for the medication but then had it given to me as part of the cost.  In my mind that was great value.

Perhaps you can give them some aromatherapy oils in a beautiful bottle, a meditation CD or a reel of KT tape.

Recommendations, referrals and home advice.  As part of my reflexology training, for each case study we had to note down three recommendations, referrals and home advice.  Being complementary therapists, we think holistically anyway, looking at the whole person.  So have a think about what you can suggest that costs nothing to you and will potentially help your client.

Can you recommend (or even give) a book of affirmations, show them some exercises to do at home or suggest another therapy that will complement yours?  Finding three different things each week also improved my mind and body knowledge and holistic understanding of their personal issue.

Once they have left your therapy room, there is still value you can give.

Consider what you can do in between treatments to help your clients feel valued.  A quick text, call or email to see how they are doing goes a long way.

In fact, communication is a key driver in adding value. You could give more structure to this and build it into your treatment price, offering online support via email or a private/secret Facebook Group.

People value good communication and understanding. It’s also a two way thing and you can let the client know how much you value them as a client.

Building a business is challenging but it’s so important to find ways to better serve your clients over and above their expectations. Creating the extra value for clients will strengthen your relationship with them and make it much easier for them to make a decision as to whether they return to you, or seek a competitor down the road.

I’d love to hear about the ways you have given added value to your clients. Do share in the comments below.







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