Attention all Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals

Enhance Your Thinking

The Business Breakthrough Event for Wellness Practitioners

Friday 22nd September 2017

9.30am – 4.00pm

The University of Hertfordshire, Sports Village – Hatfield

Are you struggling to find clients?  Saving pennies at the end of each month?  Do you dream of hordes of clients begging for your services?

This one-day business growth conference can show you …..

How To Go From No Clients and No Money to a Packed Diary and a Steady Stream of Income

The easiest way to go from a tiny client list, unable to pay your bills without taking a part time job …

… to a flood of eager clients and a bank balance you can be proud of …

… without hours of hit-and-miss networking or wasting hours of time and money on fruitless marketing…

At this one day event, you will ….. 

✅   Change to a positive mindset … so that your positive energy attracts more income and clients into your business

✅   Discover your niche …. so that you identify and target potential clients

✅   Learn strategies for pricing and packages … so that you feel comfortable about charging what you are worth and asking clients for money

✅   Feel super-confident as an entrepreneur … so that you can spend less time running your business and more time helping people feel better about themselves

✅ …. and much more

Plus you will learn …

How to Network Effectively

Find out how to design your perfect elevator pitch so you can get the most out of networking meetings.

Marketing 101

Lay the foundations for your marketing plan so you can get the right message across at the right time.

Where to Find Your Clients

Discover where to find your clients and what questions to ask yourself before you even start to look.

* VIP *

  • Ticket to Event
  • Lunch and refreshments included
  • Q&A Session with Janey Lee Grace over lunch
  • Fabulous goodie bag
  • Free Parking + use of Gym & Pool


  • Ticket to Event
  • Awesome speakers
  • Free Parking
  • Free Access to Gym & Pool
  • Free Tea & Coffee

Look who’s speaking!

JANEY LEE GRACE is an  Amazon No 1 Best-selling author, with many national TV appearances as an expert commentator, and a presenter – 15 years (and still counting) as a co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show on BBC Radio 2.  Janey has also been voted the No 1 personality in the Natural Beauty Industry Yearbook for two years running, and has a website that received a quarter of a million hits in it’s first month on-line. Janey currently write columns for many magazines, and her  PR work for individual clients have resulted (for them) in some life-changing Media breakthroughs. Janey will be explaining how to find the clarity you need to move you and your business forward, with tips to get you and your brand in the spotlight.

Sarah Holland, Fertility Coach and founder of Fertile Mindset,  shows how creating a niche can help you become an expert in your field with an outstanding international business.

Liz Hancock, #1 Best Selling Author and creator of The Wealthy Entrepreneur.  Liz will explain how to get more clients, realise your value, max your profit and charge what you are worth.

Ruth Randall, of Ruth Randall Coaching, will explore how to develop a mindset for success, get out of your own way and overcome any barriers to achieving your goal.

Jo Soley is Your Brilliant Business Angel.  Jo helps female entrepreneurs gain clarity on their marketing strategies.  She will be identifying what is needed to help you lay the foundations for your marketing plan. 

Sarah Stiffin – organiser, Virtual Assistant, qualified Holistic Therapist and founder of The Wellness Workspace.  Sarah will be helping you work out exactly who your clients are so that you know where to start looking for them.

If you were to pay for a private session with these speakers, it would set you back at least £700.  And if you were to find these strategies in marketing journals, it would set you back £1500 a year in subscription fees – not to mention hours and hours working out how to actually use the advice.

But for less than the price of a client session, you learn a wealth of information in just one day that can take your business to the next level.

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