Have you ever sat down and really thought about the goals for your business?  Setting a goal or goals gives you something to aim for and will give you direction in your business.  Plus, once you’ve achieved that goal, you’ll know that your business is moving forward and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s my tips for helping your set your goals.Know your why?

Know Your Why

Why are you doing this role, why are you a therapist or coach?  What is your big picture, what inspires you to do what you do each day?  Perhaps it’s to ultimately leave the corporate role you’re in so you can work in health and wellness full time or maybe you are so passionate about your therapy that you want everyone to know about it.  Simon Sinek, author of “Know Your Why” says “It is one of life’s greatest joys to wake up in the morning… every morning, with a clear sense of why that day matters, why every day matters. This is what it means to find your WHY”.  If you are having trouble knowing your why then I highly recommend Simon’s book.


You may have heard of the acronym SMART goals before.  SMART stands for:

S – specific
M – measurable
A – achievable
R – realistic (or reasonable)
T – timely

When you set your goals, make sure they fit into this acronym because if they don’t then it’s unlikey you will achieve them.  Be specific – saying “I want 10 client slots filled per week” is better than saying “I want more clients”. How will you know when you are reached your goal – ensure your goal is measurable.  A goal also needs to be achievable. We’d all like to earn six figures but is that really achievable for you by this time next year?   If you want to go full-time, is it realistic to say you will do this in three months or is 9 or 12 months more likely?

Don’t Compare

Your goals are your goals and no-one else’s.  Don’t compare when you see other people’s much larger goals.  Your goals are equally as important, no matter their size and will be celebrated by you because they are your goals.  I’ve been in Facebook Groups where people are celebrating earning well into six figures, or having their eighth book published but then someone else will post that they’ve just passed their driving test or got their first client. Actually, it’s often the smaller goals that everyone cheers.  Feel proud of your goal and ensure it fits into point 2.

Have a Goal Setting Session

Setting goals is something that should be afforded time and effort by you.  Set aside some time when you won’t be disturbed.  Write down your BIG goals for your business and the date by when you think you would like to accomplish.  Then look again and ensure they are SMART.

Are there some goals that realistically won’t be achieved next year for various reasons?  Park these for the moment and look at your goals for 2018 – pick no more than three otherwise you are setting yourself up for overwhelm.  Then you can start planning and breaking down your BIG goals into smaller goals. Think of these smaller goals as stepping stones. Have a year planner in front of you (I love the Ultimate Diary Planner) and write in (remember SMART) when in the year you want to achieve the BIG goal.  Then you can plan smaller goals throughout the year that lead you to the big one.

I hope this helps and if you would like any help with your goal setting then do get in touch.

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