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The Wellness Workspace gives you information and advice to help you start up your wellness business or take your business to the next level.  


Whether you are new to the health and wellness, or need to up your game, refresh or learn new skills, then I’m here to help.

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Running a business is a steep learning curve. You'll have all sorts of questions from "Do I need a website?" to "What do I need to tell HMRC?" or "How do I raise my prices?".

The Wellness Workspace aims to answer those questions for you and make setting up and running your business a much easier and more enjoyable experience.  Use the search function to look for a post about your question.  If you can't find anything, send in a question and we will answer it for you.

Work with Me

Need some help with your email marketing, sales funnels, Facebook Ads or other social media accounts?  I love this sort of stuff and would be delighted to help you.

Watch this space too for news on my Business Growth  Course!!

Resources & Online Courses

As business owners, it is important we keep learning new skills and improving old ones.  The Resources Section lists a whole load of good stuff that I've used in the past, be in books, courses or videos, that have pushed me to the next level.

Coming soon ... in the Shop Section, you'll find some great courses to help you expand your knowledge, some written by me and some are from people who I value, look up to and whose content I know is top notch and ideal for wellness professionals.


How to make your opt-in form GDPR compliant

What wording do I need on my opt-in form to make it GPDR compliant? Back in May, GDPR sent us all in a tizzy. One of the biggest discussions on social media was wording for opt-in forms. I saw one comment that even suggested lead magnets and therefore list building...

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How to use Twitter for Business

A comment I often hear about Twitter is “I don’t know how to use it”.   Actually, how to use Twitter for business is really quite simple - use 280 characters per tweet to say what you want to say.  However, there are some tools and tips to help you get the most of...

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5 ways to use LinkedIn in your wellness business

Many health and wellness professionals do not consider using Linkedin as they see it as Business to Business. However, every user is also a consumer and all those consumers will, I’m sure, want good health. Here are 5 ways you can use LinkedIn for your health and...

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Why therapists should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is usually not top of the list of social media platforms among health and wellbeing professionals. The main reason is that wellness professionals see Linkedin as Business to Business (B2B) yet see themselves as Business to Consumer.  If this has been your way...

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Working with Celebrities

You get a phone call or email from the management company of a celebrity. They would like to book an appointment with you to treat one of their celebrities.  Video or photos may then appear on the celeb’s TV show or in their weekly magazine article. You get all...

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How to encrypt messages on Facebook Messenger

With GDPR at the forefront of business owners’ minds, it’s useful to know that Facebook offers end-to-end encryption in Messenger. This is particularly useful for health and wellness professionals who converse with clients or other third parties such as their VA or...

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“She is always professional; ready prepared; doesn’t react to stress; seamlessly (it seems!) manages the mini-crises that occur and does it all with good humour and grace. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough”



“She is efficient, organised and is a true professional. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Sarah.”



“I’m so grateful for Sarah’s social media guidance and efficiency. She is organised and efficient and knows her stuff.  This can save time and energy in the business of business! Thank you Sarah.”


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